2023: Wike’s Executive Orders 21 and 22 Worst Than Any Military Regime in History

2023: Wike's Executive Orders 21 and 22 Worst Than Any Military Regime in History

2023: Wike’s Executive Orders 21 and 22 Worst Than Any Military Regime in History, Calls on The Electorates to Recompense The Gov’s Many Sins at The Polling Units.

By Comr Princewill Azubuike

Since the inception of our nascent democracy in Nigeria from 1999 till date, we have had governments come and go both at the federal and state levels. We have not seen, heard nor witnessed the type of government in Rivers State leader by a military dictator in the guise of civilian democracy.

A government which allot to itself, the powers of a feudal lord. So tyrannical in composition, structure and operations. A government where the second arm of government (the legislative arm) only exist on paper, lips and imagination of the people, not in practice and reality.

It is in this government that one who was ousted by the Supreme Court of the land for illegally occupying the seat of the governor, was recognised through the concoction of an illegal law overnight through the imstrucmentality of a rubber stamp House of Assembly. Through the same process, reversed and derecognised same at a point he feels he was no longer paying loyalty to him, the emperor.

Across the 36 states of the federation since 1999, legally constituted parties, groups, associations and individuals, have freely enjoyed the freedom to associate, belong to political party of choice, hold meetings, rallies and campaigns lawfully without any form of incumbrance.

In a bid up to the 2023 general elections in Nigeria. The outgoing governor of Rivers State, in his desperate attempt to retain power by proxy in the State through his protege candidate, Siminalaye Fubara of the PDP, came up with sinister strategies just to foist other parties out.

First, was to use the instrucmentality of the judiciary which is one of the strong pillars of democracy, but unfortunately some judges allowed themselves to be used to secure alien judgements unknown to the laws of the land.

The governor having failed in this his first plot of using the judiciary to get other political parties out of the contest so as to pave way for PDP’s seamless victory into power like the case of 2019.

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Secondly, he unveils the next strategy, which is coming up with an illogical, incomprehensive, draconian and strange Executive Orders 21 and 22 respectively.

Wherein, political parties are prohibited from using public facilities for political gatherings, meetings, rallies etc, without an approval from the government with an unrefundable payment of five million naira. Apart from PDP which is in power in the state, which other political party can afford such amount on a single event, times the number of events that party would hold. That is a technical way of stopping other political parties from campaigning.

As though that is not enough, the strange orders forbids lawful political meetings of opposition political parties of any kind in hostels in the state. This, has led to the seizure and sealing-off of some business premises of political rivals to the governor.

So far, the following business outfits have been sealed off: The Mega Tool Filling Station at Ojoto Street Diobu axis of Port Harcourt, owned by Hon. Chinyere Igwe, a serving House of Representatives; Priscy’s Lounge, owned by Jones Ogbonda, a former Lawmaker in the Rivers State House of Assembly; and Preray Hotel, belonging to one Mr Ikechi Chinda, former PDP Chairman in Port Harcourt City LGA.

This December, the premises of a popular hospitality spot, EUI Events Centre, located along Abacha Road, GRA, Phase 3, was also sealed off. It was on news this morning that the CoO of “The Ogeyi’s Place La Meridian Hotel in GRA has been revoked by the state government though unconfirmed, among many others.

We have had instances where the Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) of Dr Abiye Sekibo was withdrawn by the governor because of political differences as against the conventional norms of the land.

In desperate pursuant to this infamous strange Executive Orders 21 and 22, the governor charged his foot-soldiers (the LGA chairmen), at the 23 LGAs to ensure strict compliance as well as announcing the appointment of 200,000.00 SAs on polling units across the state, as agents to further cause rancor in the state of which some are paid 10,000, some 20,000, while some 25,000 and many others are yet to receive a dine.

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Is this kind of government not worse than any renowned military regime in the whole wide world? Meanwhile, this is just a fraction out of the uncountable sins of the man who occupies the exalted position of a governor of an oil rich Rivers State.

To this end, Comr Princewill called on every eligible voter resident in Rivers State, to be weary of Wike and his governorship candidate – as would be the case of “like-father-like-son by excercing the powers in their PVC by recompensing the emperor accordingly for his various atrocities and injustices against the residents and good people of the state by voting massively against the PDP’s candidates in the 2023 general elections slated for February and March respectively, and vote instead for Pst Tonye Patrick Cole mni and other APC candidates in the state who is committed restoring the fortunes of Rivers people and business owners.

Tonye Patrick Cole mni offers the best ideals, ideologies known and acceptable in any developed country of the world.

Let your votes counts, do not be carried away, cajoled or be deceived for the second time.


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