2023: Wike’s Executive Rascality Will Meet Its Waterloo at The Polls – Princewill

2023: Wike's Executive Rascality Will Meet Its Waterloo at The Polls – Princewill2023: Wike’s Executive Rascality Will Meet Its Waterloo at The Polls; Princewill Beckons on Rivers Voters to be Weary of the Gov’s Vote Buying Schemes.

By Comr Princewill Azubuike

It is said that “a bad work man quarrels with its tools”.

Again, an African proverb says, “no one learns to use left hand at an old age”

When any government fails to live up to its social, corporate and constitutional responsibilities to the people, it tends to quarrel with the people it is meant to govern and even with the machinery through which it came into power. This is exactly the case with Gov Wike who parades self as the lord of state and PDP at large as he is at war with virtually everyone because, he wants to lord himself over everyone.

Gov Wike from day one in office chosed vindictive style of leadership as opposed to government of inclusiveness. That explains why at every given opportunity either in public or private space, is either Amaechi this or Amaechi that. He seizes every given opportunity to run down and attack the person and personality of his immediate benefactors (Amaechi). This explains why he played down on the monumental legacies of Amaechi rather than learning and consolidating on his developmental strides.

Amaechi created employment opportunities and employed reasonably when he held sway as governor of Rivers State. What did his predecessor (Wike) do instead, he weaponised poverty in the state for the first time in history, waiting for election period so he can look for those he will momentarily give peanuts just to buy their votes to continue the impoverishment using his puppet candidate.

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The promises made by the governor regarding employment at different times are all scam as is evidenced in the RSIEC employment bobo juice, judiciary employment big big talk, RSU employment scam, IAUE, CEAPOLY just to mention a few, they are all deceitful.

Like the saying, “a clean wine can not be gotten from an unclean wine bottle”. That’s typical with Wike, Rivers PDP and its gubernatorial candidate, Siminalayi Fubara. Voting SIM as governor is tantamount to the continuation of the tyrannical, draconian, military rule, and weaponisation of poverty by Wike.

Comr Princewill beckons on every eligible voter in the state to be mindful of the schemes implored by Wike’s government of ridiculing gullible Rivers residents in the most indignified way under the guise of 200,000 SA jobs to the governor on polling units with the job description to destroy every billboard, posters and campaign materials belonging to other political parties as well as ensuring that the infamous executive orders 21 and 22 are strictly adhered to in their various localities.

What kind of SA to the governor that does not know the road to the government house? What manner of SA to the governor without an office or that has not met with the governor before? Okay…that’s a ghost SA! This is playing politics with the sensibility of intelligent rivers people with the payment of 20,000 per month for the period of four or five months which many are yet to receive the peanut.

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He further reiterated on his call to the electorates in the exercise of their fundamental franchise, to jettison the out going governor’s many treacherous acts, collect the money because it’s our money and then use their PVCs to send the governor and his protege candidate packing to where they belong and join hands with the progressives minded people to enthrone the government that will respect the people, create enabling environment for investors to come and invest thereby creating countless employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed youths in the state. That government is the one that will be led by the visionary governor, Pst Tonye Patrick Cole mni.

Pst Tonye Patrick Cole’s government will be centered on three cardinal pivots, they are: ‘social welfare’, ‘peace and security’ and ‘developmental infrastructure’.

Let’s elect a man that will utilise our enormous resources for our ultimate benefits.

Comr Princewill Azubuike is an advocate for good governance, a critic and a media influencer based in Port Harcourt and can be reached via email:


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