Amb. O. N. Ngofa @ 54: Eze celebrates An Ambassador Plenipotentiary & A Resolute Revolutionist

Amb. O. N. Ngofa @ 54: Eze celebrates An Ambassador Plenipotentiary & A Resolute Revolutionist

Amb. O. N. Ngofa @ 54: Eze celebrates An Ambassador Plenipotentiary, A Resolute Revolutionist, Emancipator, a trailblazer, Icon, Wike’s Nightmare, the golden boy of Rivers State politics and the next Senator of South East Senatorial zone of Rivers State come 2023


Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!! To the glory of Almighty God, my friend, schoolmate, brother and political associate, immediate past Nigerian Ambassador to The Netherlands – Chief Oji Nyimenuate Ngofa, the Dean of the Faculty of Strategy, Diplomacy, Warfare & Loyalty of the Amaechi International School of Politics, a trailblazer, icon and the golden boy of Rivers State politics turns 54 on August 24, 2022.

Wow! I am so excited to celebrate this enigma and one of the new faces of democracy in the politics of Nigeria, an indefatigable, resolute revolutionist and, most importantly, the Demystifier and nightmare to Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and his brand of politics particularly these days when hunger have caused many politicians to undermine the principle of integrity in our political life.


Chief Nwosu Alale Ngofa – the father of this great leader – himself, a renowned teacher, unionist, politician and one-time State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT). The highly respected teacher, who later became an honourable Commissioner for Education in Rivers State, can beat his chest and state: “I have given to Rivers State and, by extension, Nigeria one of the best products as far governance is concerned”

Though both parents are of blessed memory, I am convinced that wherever they are, they will be proud that through them one of the finest and unassuming political strategists was born

Ngofa was the immediate past Nigerian Ambassador to The Netherlands and currently positioned for the Red Chambers (SENATE) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in few months time

Academic feats

Hon. Ngofa started his formal primary education at the Holy Trinity Anglican Primary School, Nchia in 1974 from where he obtained First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC, in 1980 before proceeding to the famous Stella Maris College, Port Harcourt for this secondary school education, obtaining the West African Schools Certificate, Ordinary Level (O/L) in 1985. Like an eagle destined for greatness beyond the peak of Mount Everest, he gained admission into the famous University of Calabar in Cross Rivers State, capping his academic prowess with Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Literary Studies with emphasis in Comparative Literature in 1991. He later added a Post Graduate Diploma, PGD, in International Affairs in 2000 from the University of Port Harcourt.

This Shining Star of Nigerian Politics & His Remarkable Feats:

Though, he learnt a lot from his godly parents who prepared him for the onerous task and challenges ahead of him from his childhood, the fact remains that, at every point of his existential evolution, Hon. Oji Ngofa had always found himself saddled with challenging leadership positions that would task his skills, and no doubt, those opportunities have prepared him for today and indeed for the future.

The following positions he held exposed him to whom he has become today –

– Captain, Jet Bombers Football Club, Aleto 1987

– Secretary, OTELGA (Okrika/Tai/Eleme Local Government Area) Youth Council 1988

– President, National Association of Eleme Students (NAES) 1989

– President, Eleme Progressive Youths Association 1985 -1990

– P. R. O, National Union of Rivers State Students (NURSS) University of Calabar chapter 1989

– President, Nigeria Union of Campus Journalists, University of Calabar chapter 1989-1990

His quest for improved standard of living and wealth of experience made him secure employment in managerial positions in hi-tech giants and blue-chip conglomerates. Some of those were:

– Personnel Manager, Dellatra Bezons Nigeria (DBN) 1993-1994.

– Personnel Manager, IPCO (NIG) Ltd.- 1994-2003

Ngofa And His Brand Of Politics

On the political sphere, Ambassador Oji Nyimenuate Ngofa’s name has become a brand in Eleme in particular and Rivers State in general since his divine nomination by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as its chairmanship candidate, including his election and subsequent swearing in as the Executive Chairman on 25th April, 2008. He has within six years in office initiated, constructed and commissioned several landmark projects, which have changed the aesthetic landscape of Eleme.

Ngofa’s brilliance performance as Council Chairman led to his elevation and election as three time Executive Chairman of Eleme Local Government Council is of course a record as it broke the aged-long jinx that nobody in Eleme was allowed to run for a second tenure in office despite what might have been his performance in office.

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He was elected Vice Chairman of Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON) Rivers State, until when his second tenure of Eleme Council Chairman elapsed in May 2014. His superlative performance was seen by Governor Chibuike Amaechi who graciously re-appointed and swore him into office as Chairman of Caretaker Committee, Eleme Local Government Council, on 31st May, 2014 and subsequently elected as the State Chairman of ALGON.

Like a golden fish that has no place to hide, amidst hearty cheers and great relish coupled with his consistency in loyalty, humility and tenacity in pursuit of what is right he was elected the Deputy National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, at its first National Convention at the Eagle Square, Abuja on Saturday 14th June, 2014 and in appreciation of his rich values was nominated as Nigeria’s image in Netherlands by our leader, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. These positions have exposed him as a great leader of our time

His Vision:

Ngofa a graduate of University of Calabar in Cross Rivers State of Nigeria ought to be a terror to every sign of evil which sadly Wike’s administration represents. All graduates of UNICAL are known as MALABITES (male) while our female counterpart are known as MALABRESSES and they are taught on how to confront evil without any atom of fear. This is an aspect of Ngofa not known to the world.

Ngofa is not the type of politician that you feel you can pocket and dictate to about his rights and goals.

His Excellency O.N. Ngofa the immediate past Nigeria Ambassador was Ambassador Extraordinaire to the Kingdom of Netherlands was also accredited to four multilateral organizations that Nigeria was a member; International Criminal Court (ICC), International Court of Justice (ICJ), Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), and Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) . Though one of the youngest Ambassadors in the world he is a respected personality in the comity and college of Ambassadors. He has within a short period strengthened the bilateral and diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and the Netherlands which is a remarkable and appreciative achievement

On his vision for Rivers State, he explains that, “I must stressed though regrettably, Rivers State is in a gradual State of demolition, unlike the immediate past, when all development indices points to positive and rapid development. It is sad that a state that was enjoying second position in economic development only eight years ago is now budding last among 35 other States in the list of employment generating States. This scenario must change and seeing that the current leadership of the State cannot improve on the lot of the State, then the electorate should be ready to change the State Government. We can’t leave our State in the hands of mediocre leadership whose only major achievement is looting our common patrimony as a State with impunity and decimation of all the key feats of the administration of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.”


Like a delectable goldfish, he emerged the Executive Chairman of Eleme LGA, breaking the glass ceiling to be the first re-elected Eleme council Chairman and a two-time CTC chairman in series.

The fact remains that his reign as the Executive Chairman of the Eleme LGA, till today, serves as the only signature of democratic dividends Eleme people can boast about; Eleme Ultramodern Market, Eleme House, aka ‘O’toor Eleme’, Eleme LGA International Secretariat Building (finished to 85%), Akpajo International Market (finished to 98%) only painted by your successor, Nyade Road, Canaan Road, to list but a few….”

“Through his outstanding leadership, he has proven to be a leader of high ethics and morality exhibiting an uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision and exemplary leadership for most of his colleagues and associates to emulate.

A role model and an enviable example of selfless giving to this generation.witb the youths of Rivers State proud to call him their leader and someone worthy of emulation.


Governor Wike with all due respect to any contrary opinion is a deadly tactician and political strategist of note who is ready to do anything to achieve any goal he sets his mind to achieve. This notwithstanding, in the politics of Rivers State no matter the thinking in any quarter, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi stands poles apart and has influence in almost 87 percent of key political actors in the State including Governor Wike.

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Let us listen to Governor Nyesom Wike’s lamentation:

“Today, in the politics of Rivers State, Governor Nyesom Wike maybe seen as a terror but in Rivers State there are three men that Wike fears in Rivers State and one of them is Ambassador Ngofa. According to him, “The arrowheads of those who want to turn me to a weeping baby in Rivers State were the former State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Mr. Ojukaye Flag-Amachree, the former Commissioner of Agriculture, Chief Emmanuel Chinda and the former Nigeria’s Ambassador to Netherlands, Ambassador Oji Ngofa”.

Ngofa a graduate of University of Calabar in Cross Rivers State of Nigeria ought to be a terror to every sign of evil which sadly Wike’s administration represents. All graduates of UNICAL are known as MALABITES (male) while our female counterpart are known as MALABRESSES and they are taught on how to confront evil without any atom of fear. This is an aspect of Ngofa not known to the world.


Ambassador Ngofa who would have been by now serving as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as he was duly elected to fly the flag of the All Progressives Congress during the 2019 general elections for the South East Senatorial District of Rivers State but due to internal wrangling within the party occasioned and championed by some political divisive elements in APC that worked for PDP to deny the party the chances of fielding candidates for the elections thereby succeeded to deny and aborted the senatorial ambition of this great son of Nigeria whose inputs and impact in the 9th National Assembly would have assisted in creating an ideal Assembly for Nigeria.

This setback notwithstanding, to the glory of God he is back to the field and with his unique mobilisation strategy of contacting those that matters within his senatorial zone and based on his past records his acceptance and election come February 2023 by God’s will is sealed and delivered.


Let me conclude this eulogy by quoting Johnson Abbey one of the great minds from Rivers State, “Ambassador Ngofa is a Goal setter for growth both in politics and private sector, a committed servant, a dogged man who knows his fundamental responsibility that is why his boss Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the undisputable leader of Rivers State politics decided to make him his political son hitherto. He is a leader that knows his people well enough even by their names no matter how populated they are. Such a man deserves to drive Rivers State to a promise land because of the leadership aura that fluffs around him.”

Hon. Oji Nyimenuate Ngofa, is an orator, a speaker extempore, speech writer, grassroots mobiliser, a fashion monger for the stronger sex, colossus, a complete man in every life’s ladder as was opined by a renowned author, Hans Christian Anderson, who in one of his books stated that, “Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s finger.” With his often manicured, iconic beard, this younger Ngofa stands out in a crowd.

The future of this illustrious son of Eleme ethnic nationality can only be written by the Divine Fingers that crafted him.

Finally, I wish this my younger brother, God’s stead and more fruitful years to enable him continue his services to humanity and accomplish his divine drive for a better Rivers State.

Happy Birthday the great Malabite!

Happy Birthday the former Ambassador extraordinary!!

Happy Birthday one of the best products of Amaechism!!!

Praying God for successful campaign and election into the Senate come 2023.
He is happily married and this union is blessed with three amiable children. At his spare time, he delights in reading and playing football.


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