Comr. Princewill spanks the PDP over call for the sack of the honourable minister of transportation

The vociferation for the sack of Amaechi is mundane, absurd and barbaric: hence is dead on arrival…

The wanton calls and vituperation from the suffocating and derailing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) through her spokes man Mr. Kola Ologbondiya is dead on arrival. The PDP rather than thinking on how to mend fences with Nigerians on their woeful 16 years failures in office, are busy with sinister campaign against a man of grace and intimidating profile.

The director of press and media, Fresh Hope, Comr. Princewill Azubuike, has described the call for the sack of the honourable minister of transportation, Rt Hon Dr Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as one too many. Especially as it is coming from party whose misrule and misdeeds has brought Nigeria into the mess where we are today.

The PDP which can best be described as the mother of corruption in Nigeria today, gave birth, nurtured and institutionised corruption which has plagued the country today.

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In a press statement issued in Portharcourt, Comr. Princewill described those behind the call as the real enemies of Nigeria as they do not mean well for the nation and her citizens.

Considering the transformation that the honourable minister has brought the transportation ministry Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has wrought since assumption of office especially in the railway sector, it will be evil, barbaric and misplaced priority for anybody in his right senses to raise such an alarm against such a personality who has is blessing to the country Nigeria.

He further posited that as similar several such false outcries which was raised in the past by the same folks against the honourable minister did not see the light of the day, so will this one die on arrival.

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Encouraging the honourable minister not to be distracted in his good works, but see it as an opportunity to redouble his efforts in expositioning Nigeria for a greater height.

The media director of Fresh Hope further urged Nigerians to continue to give the honourable minister their unflinching support as this is a mere distraction to dissuade the honourable minister from the good works he’s doing.


Comr. Princewill Azubuike.

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