David Oguzierem Speaks on: Wike, Secondus & The Father Christmas

David Oguzierem Speaks on: Wike, Secondus & The Father Christmas


*- David Oguzierem Speaks (DOS)*

The Governor of Rivers State is known for being outspoken. Most times he can be loquacious and brash.

Few days back, in a PDP BOT’s convocation, he reeled out his investment in the comatose PDP:

-Payment of the rent of the PDP national secretariat.

-Payment of PDP staff salary.

-Single handedly sponsored the removal of Alimodu Sherifff IN 2017.

Although he did not give the exact figure these “heavy projects” may have cost, but he said the financial implication would be sufficient to have married him four new wives and sustain them for life.

In Nigeria, class & political marriages runs in billions. Politicians use every event to make political statement. I am trying so hard to give us an idea of the cost implication of marring four new women.

I can still remember when Oshiomhole married his cape Verdean model, Lara Fortes. It was glamour. Billions was invested to import the model into Nigeria.

Sorry for digressing. Back to our conversation.

Despite this huge sacrifice Governor Wike made to the fractionalized PDP, the party chose to give him a title as the “Father Christmas of PDP”.

The most annoying to Governor Wike was that the PDP published the ridiculous title on the front page of an international magazine (Name of magazine withheld).

Governor Wike lamented the ingratitude and ‘WIKE-D-NESS’ of the PDP.

As soon as the governor was done, he made for the door.

The national chairman, Prince Uche secondus sought for his audience, at least to hear from the party before leaving. Governor Wike told him point black “If you attack me, I attack you”


It is human to give. It is godly to support those in need. Giving of gifts and alms is a religious duty with amazing reward here and hereafter.

Conversely, bribery is a crime. An attempt to buy human conscience is devilish. Monetization of morality and opinion is a mirage. It doesn’t hold water and will never last.

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The governor has been known to put a price tag on everything and everybody. He believes all men can be bought.

I can still remember a popular audio recorded during 2019 general elections, where he was asking an army captain to name his price. The soldiers had arrested some PDP hoodlums with arms and ballot box at Ahoada area, near Mbiama. The audio record is online.

It is no longer news how billions of Rivers money has been donated to Sokoto State government, Benue State government, Yenegoa Law School and Pamo University. All this is provoked by the “FATHER CHRISTMAS SPIRIT”

Very soon, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Adamawa, Bauchi and Oyo State governments will become beneficiaries of the largesse if they can support the removal of Prince Uche Secondus as the national chairman of PDP.

That is the ongoing ‘infrastructural Project” for the good people of Nigeria – PRINCE UCHE SECONDUS MUST GO.

Surprisingly, both Prince Secondus and Governor Wike hails from Rivers State. So a Rivers man is investing Rivers money to destroy another Rivers man. Isn’t that witchcraft. LOL.

For those who witnessed the presidential primaries of PDP in 2018 in Port Harcourt at the Adokie Amesimaka stadium, it was a political turf between Atiku, Wike and Secondus.

While THE FATHER CHRISTMAS deployed Rivers Money to install Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, now Governor of Sokoto State as the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku arrived Port Harccourt with Aircraft load of dollars, pounds and euro donated by the ARABS – Kuwait, UAE, Libya and Iran and also HUSHPUPPI donated – you remember the Dubai meeting. Dino Maleaye, and Saraki was in attendance.

By the time the election was over, Atiku supported by Secondus has beaten THE FATHER CHRISTMAS blue and black in his home state.

While FATHER CHISTMAS was dispensing paltry one million five hundred thousand of Rivers money per delegate, Atiku leveled him with six million naira per delegate. Although the money was dispensed in hard currency.

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Governor Wike was forced to leave the venue of the presidential primaries before Secondus declared the final result in favour of Atiku of ARABS.


The battle for the soul of the dead PDP has begun again. Same dramatis personae.

Atiku is ready with Arab money.

Secondus is loyal to Atiku.

Atiku visited Gov. Wike few days back on a warning visit.

The warning did not yield any known result as Wike stormed the BOT meeting uninvited.

The battle line has been drawn. Who wins this time.

We learnt THE FATHER CHRISTMAS paid seven members of PDP NWC to resign enmasse, as to pass a vote of no confidence on Secondus. They actually resigned last week.

Atiku got wind of the plot, counter paid them with ARAB money. Four out of the seven has withdrawn their resignation. The rest will follow suit this week. Atiku and Secondus won again.

At the end, Rivers People and Rivers Money are the ultimate loosers.


Let the Surugede dance continue. I am highly interested.

Love and light.

David E. Oguzierem is the National Chairman of National Progressives Coalition Initiatives (NAPROCIN), a pro-APC movement for 2023)

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