Excerpts from Tonye Cole’s Live Interview with Segun Owolabi on 93.3 Fm

Excerpts from Tonye Cole's Live Interview with Segun Owolabi on 93.3 Fm

For those who missed the Tonye Cole’s interview with Segun Owolabi this morning, see the smart business lecture from the incoming Governor:

“Any Government that comes to tell you they want to give you a hundred thousand jobs has not even begun to scratch the surface of job creation. Job creation is about the opportunities that you must create, the opportunities that you must bring so that talents can meet opportunities. For us, everybody has great talent, what they lack is the opportunity for them to express their talent. For our government, we will be able to attract opportunities into Rivers State.

“Lagos State has a GDP of about of 41 Billion dollars, Rivers State is about 7 Billion dollars. The gap between GDP of Lagos and Rivers State is what you see in all the opportunities in Lagos. We need to be able to transfer that opportunity back here to Rivers State.

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“As long as businesses continue to exit Rivers State you cannot have the opportunity to create jobs here. So we must bring people back.

“But how do you bring people back? First there must be respect for law and order. The impunity that I can crush you, I can bring down your businesses, I can lock your businesses down cannot bring businesses here. So we must be able to build trust that if business people put their business in this place, that investment will stay. They don’t need Government to harass them, they don’t need Government to overtax them, they don’t need Government to intimidate them. What they need is a government that believes in them, and respect the fact that they’re bringing their businesses here. Once you can create that opportunity you open it up.

“Business people needs confidence. When they know that the person sitting across the table has come from their demography and and understands their pain, they have confidence. As a business person, what takes me into an area is not that I know the governor or know anyone, but rather that I will be respected for what I have brought in. So the first aspect of it is what does the environment create in terms of policy that makes me comfortable as a business person to exist there? This is what our government will bring.”

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Tonye Cole this morning on Super FM 93.3.


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