German Based Nigerian Prophetess, Cautions Minister Of God Not To Be Comparative Of Others

German Based Nigerian Prophetess, Cautions Minister Of God Not To Be Comparative Of Others

A German based Nigerian Prophetess, Susan Ikeokwu, has advised genuine men of God not to compare themselves with other Ministers of God who are stupendously prospering rather should hold on to God, adding that a minister is not known for his prosperity but souls he could disciple for God to make heaven.

In her prophetic message entitled: “God the Refiner Prophecy”, released on her YouTube channel, She said the wealth of some pastors cannot be attributed to the Ministry.

Speaking, the Prophetess said;

“Some of them are business people; some are fetish. So, do not compete with others”.

“If God has given you a little or big platform, thank Him for that. Do not compare that which you have with others because there is always a divine appointed time of God to elevate each person but the lord is saying very many who called themselves in the five fold ministry do not belong to me”.

“There are places where their powers come from not from the kingdom of heaven. They go to the realm of darkness to get powers. That is where they get the massive platform that they have”, she said.

Continuing, she said the lord has told her that this time is a period of refining the church where the grain will be separated from the chaff.

“This is what the lord Almighty says: in this season, I am going to be refining the church.

I am going to be testing the heart of people within the church and those who called themselves men and women of God”.

Prophetess Susan urged Christian faithful to be guided by the scripture, trust in God and holy ghost to guide them, pointing out that a false prophet can lead many to miss rapture.

“We all need to be very careful because the evil in our days has taken another level.

There are so many out there who are leading multitude into darkness and damnation.

The lord does not want this”, she stated.

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