Sim Fubara Is Rivers Pdp’s Deadweight – David E. Oguzierem

Sim Fubara Is Rivers Pdp's Deadweight – David E. Oguzierem


By David E. Oguzierem

In 2016, I had visited a very close friend in his office in government House, Port Harcourt. General Nyesom Wike is the governor.

My friend is a semi-power player in government house. I will not mention his name for obvious reasons.

While I was with him, Mr Sim Fubara walked in. He exchanged pleasantries with him. Both of them talked briefly and Mr Fubara left immediately.

As soon as he left, my friend told me that Mr Fubara is government house cashier.

Most times I subsequently visited government house those days, I sometimes ran into Mr Fubara.

It was later I got to know that he was the assistant to former Accountant General under HE Chibuike Amaechi administration.

As an assistant to the former AG, he had unrestricted access to official documents in ACCOUNTANT-GENERAL’s office.

He established a link with Wike, who was already nursing the ambition to become a governor.

Sim Fubara allegedly made it a duty to photocopy all sensitive documents in Accountant-General’s office, without the knowledge of his Principal.

He will subsequently allegedly handover the photocopy of such official documents to Wike.

Remember, Wike wasn’t a governor then.

Most of the leaked information to the opposition PDP during Amaechi’s tenure was sent out by Sim Fubara.

Most of the distorted financial information used by Wike to campaign from 2014 – 2015 was leaked by Sim Fubara.

Prior to 2015, Sim Fubara was an employee of Rivers State government under Amaechi, but he worked as a secret operative for Wike.

He did so many dirty jobs for Wike.


Since 1999, the Rivers PDP has featured personalities with high charisma, strongly branded and unarguably popular names.

I999, Dr Peter Odili stormed the scene with his rich and stylish charismatic background in politics. He popularized the PDP ringed-colours branded cow boys caps.

Barr. Celestine Omehia, a power broker in Chief Rufus Ada George and Odili administration arrived shortly in 2007 with his trademark white mustache.

Same 2007, Amaechi, the young and vibrant former House of Assembly Speaker emerged PDP third governor of Rivers State.

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In 2015, the five star General, Commander in Chief, powerful Chief E. N Wike stormed the stage like a field marshal. He has since conquered Rivers State and it’s people without apologies.

Back to my introduction stories earlier, when I ran into Sim Fubara in govt house. He smacked of an image of a man raoming about with guilty conscience.

Sim Fubara always looks intimidated and oppressed.

He is usually quite, isolated like a COVID-19 patient. He is usually without smiles. Though, now his handlers in PDP has forced him to wear fake smiles in doctored pictures.

I have not forgotten the first encounter. Fubara completely lacks excellent presentation and charimatic carriage.

He lacks class and passion.

He has no boldness.

No charisma.

No political life.

No political history.

Wike is his political life.

I challenge any body to tell me if Sim Fubara has ever featured in PDP event or activities.

I challenge any body to show me evidence of Sim Fubara in PDP attires or regalia prior to 2022.

Sim Fubara has never featured nor spoken in any high profile state organized event.

He has never addressed PDP event either at ward or local government or state level prior to the May gubernatorial primaries of PDP where he was imposed on the party by General Wike.

Let me shock us further.

Jesus said, my people know my voice and I know them.

I challenge all regular PDP members. None can recognize the voice of Sim Fubara in the dark. Majority of PDP members have not heard from him.

He is allien to Rivers political circles. Ne is a neophyte.

The PDP in Rivers State has no gubernatorial candidate. The dude is politically unpresentable. He is absurd.

He will also be a deadweight on PDP if he is sent to Opobo/Nkoro as LGA chairman.

His imposition on the PDP is a slap, an insult and absymal ridicule to all the giants that served the PDP as governor since 1999.

PDP should stand for the best.

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PDP at this stage of our democracy should go for men with global pedigree. Men who have conquered nations and territories.

PDP should engage Guber candidates who have penetrated federal government circles and national politics.

A man who can boast of interaction and pictures with all Nigerian president since 1999.

A man with relationship and pictures with diplomats and heads of foreign nations.

PDP should engage a man who has built reputable international multi business conglomerate.

PDP needs to engage a man with track record of employing thousands of Rivers people in his private company.

PDP should engage a man who has helped develop foreign countries.

Who has attended reputable global educational institutions.

We are done with Rivers State University hangover governors. Rivers State at this point needs globally exposed person.

Sim Fubara is not built for politics, good governance and social development.

He is trained to compute figures and manage financial records as a civil servant.

He is trained to aid corruption in government circles.

No wonder he allegedly withdrew Rivers 117b off the counter at Zenith bank without due approval.

Sim Fubara is a fugitive.

He is on the EFCC wanted list of criminals.

He is not a free man.

He can’t sleep in his house, neither can he travel or sleep outside Port Harcourt.

He sleeps and host visitors in Wike’s house where there are thugs to protect him from arrest.

Last two months, at Port Harcourt local airport, his thugs beat up EFFC operatives who almost apprehended him.

Rivers PDP and Rivers people must vehemently reject such a political mediocre and boring fellow.

*David Oguzierem is the Convener of Tonye Cole Associates (TOCAS)*

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